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Decades of Experience Helping Clients in Florida

Experiencing foreclosure or knowing you are about to be served a foreclosure notice is an arduous, frightening experience. It is easy to feel helpless in the knowledge that you could lose your home, often due to hardship or extenuating circumstances beyond your control.

If you have already made every effort to stay current on your mortgage and your bank refuses to negotiate, you may feel like you have no other choice but to accept defeat and plan to leave your home.

Don't Face Foreclosure Alone!

Our Tampa foreclosure attorneys have decades of experience in the residential mortgage foreclosure defense industry and will help guide you through your difficult situation.

We represent homeowners throughout Tampa and central Florida and have a track record of helping our clients achieve successful outcomes with their mortgage problems.

Know That You Have Options

It is critical that you understand you have options, no matter the circumstances specific to your situation. Just because you have been served with a foreclosure lawsuit does not mean all is lost.

Our legal team can work with you to identify potential legal solutions and strategize how to best protect your home. When searching for a foreclosure defense attorney in Tampa, search no further than our exceptional lawyers at Cremeens Law Group PLLC. Learn more about us here.

Relief is here, but the sooner you call, the better. Dial (813) 683-8688 or contact us online to schedule your free, no-obligations consultation with foreclosure lawyer in Tampa.

  • I want to congratulate you all and say THANK YOU for your extraordinary efforts and participation in this sale/judgement/legal process

    “I want to congratulate you all and say THANK YOU for your extraordinary efforts and participation in this sale/judgement/legal process….whatever the correct name for it is. Perhaps juggling act suits ...”

    - Christopher S.
  • You’ve been so responsive to me, so creative, and have shown unusual initiative in my case.

    “Well, my closing check has hit my bank account, and all’s right with the world! This was such an unexpected and delightful end to my Rushmore problems!”

    - Valerie R.
  • Excellent lawyers.

    “They helped me with a collections matter and got the case done quickly and affordably.”

    - Sandra K.
  • Amazing firm to work with.

    “They really listened to my situation and went above and beyond to do anything and everything needed to help!”

    - Sarah R.
  • Great firm, fair and honest.

    “Attorneys are all knowledgeable about the law and not afraid to take on big competitors and win.”

    - Jennifer H.

Why Cremeens Law Group

When searching for legal assistance in your foreclosure defense case, you need a firm experienced with:

  • Florida Consumer Protection laws
  • Florida judges
  • Florida courts
  • And Florida’s specific foreclosure defense process

You should always a local law firm represent you in consumer law & foreclosure defense situations in the state. Our team has many years of experience working with numerous facets of the Florida justice system and have a complete understanding of its intricacies and procedures.

We also have experience representing both borrowers and lenders in mortgage cases, providing our foreclosure attorneys in Tampa with a unique competitive advantage in knowing how to consider every angle of your foreclosure defense case.

Can Debt Consolidation Firms Help Me?

Be wary of out-of-state loan modification or debt consolidation firms, as they may not have your best interests at heart. Retaining the services of a qualified foreclosure defense lawyer is typically the best possible way to explore legal foreclosure alternatives that can lead to success and protect your home.

Remember, consumer protection and foreclosure defense regulations vary from state to state, with Florida law having many distinguishing features. A Florida-based foreclosure defense law firm is best suited to help you achieve your goals if your residence is located in the state.

We Are Prepared to Help You

Beyond our geographical advantage, our experienced foreclosure defense lawyers boast decades of combined experience in Florida consumer protection and Florida foreclosure defense.

Our team also has substantial experience outside the immediate work we do at Cremeens Law Group, having worked with:

  • The Florida Supreme Court
  • The Florida Public Defender’s Office
  • And the Florida Coastal Law Review

We are committed to leveraging our many years of experience to aiding you in your foreclosure defense case.

How Cremeens Law Group Can Help You

Explore Ways to Fight Against Foreclosure

Receiving a foreclosure lawsuit notice does not mean you will lose your home. Numerous mortgage relief and foreclosure defense tools exist to help protect homeowners, and our team at Cremeens Law Group PLLC can help you explore each one of them.

Some strategies our Tampa foreclosure defense law firm can assist you with include:

  • Press banks to prove standing or provide their note – lending institutions must produce paperwork, if requested, to prove they actually own the mortgage and thereby have the right to pursue a foreclosure lawsuit; this is often done by providing a “note” confirming the sale, which often gets lost due to disorganization if a mortgage is sold or transferred
  • Challenge conditions precedent – banks are required to perform certain steps before carrying out a foreclosure lawsuit, and if they fail to do so, the suit can be dismissed
  • Contest induced default – banks are not permitted to trick or encourage you to enter into default on your mortgage(s) under the pretense they will then negotiate with you on certain relief options, and challenging “induced default” can get a foreclosure suit thrown out
  • Delay foreclosure – while we consider other options, taking basic legal steps throws up roadblocks in a bank’s quest to foreclose, giving you more time in your home and to plan your next move

  • Renegotiate your mortgage – a loan modification can be a powerful tool where you work with your lender to adjust your mortgage agreement in the event of hardship and a drop in property value; goals of a loan modification can include reducing your principle balance or the size of your monthly payment, lowering your interest rate, obtaining more time to repay, or eliminating outstanding late fees
  • Pursue deed in lieu of foreclosure – in many situations, banks would prefer not to go through an expensive foreclosure process and instead settle an account as efficiently as possible; a deed in lieu of foreclosure gives up your rights to a property but releases you from your mortgage, avoiding the worst consequences of foreclosure
  • Limit creditor harassment – many do not realize there are very specific federal rules governing how collections agents are permitted to contact you, and we can put a stop to the most disruptive communication
  • Attempt a short sale – if you are willing to leave your home for a more sustainable residence elsewhere, banks can be open to selling a property for less than it is worth in order to regain some of the investment
  • Refinance through a short pay – you may be able to negotiate a more sustainable monthly mortgage payment if you can convince your bank to transfer the mortgage to a new lender willing to agree to the lower rate
  • Secure a cash-for-keys agreement – if you do receive an eviction notice, a cash-for-keys arrangement can exchange an amicable exit for income that can help facilitate your next moves
  • Consider bankruptcy – while not right for everyone, filing for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 consumer bankruptcy grants you an automatic stay, freezing all collections actions and giving you an opportunity to liquidate or reorganize debts

Taking the Burden Off of Your Shoulders

What You Can Expect With Us
  • Experience

    Having worked with both consumers and lenders, we have unique insight for how banks work, providing you with the best strategy.

  • Results

    If you hire us, we will be the attorneys that keep you in your home.

  • Affordability

    With payment plans available and without any hidden or extra fees, our goal is to help you budget when you're dealing with financial issues.

  • Communication

    You will never be kept in the dark. From start to finish, we maintain regular communication about your case.

We can walk you through all of the above foreclosure defense strategies, determine which ones you qualify for, explain the benefits and disadvantages of each option, and be pragmatic with you about the likelihood of success in each possible plan. Banks often do not want to foreclose if they can help it, and they are often far more likely to negotiate with experienced foreclosure defense lawyers.

Our team is also responsive to the changing foreclosure regulations as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. President Trump and Florida Governor DeSantis have introduced federal and state-level foreclosure stays, respectively, throughout portions of 2020, many of which are still in flux. We continue to monitor the evolving rules and can advise our clients on how they impact their cases. If you are confused about whether the pandemic foreclosure moratoriums protect you or believe your lender is violating them, we can help.

The most important thing to remember is you are not alone, and you have options in your foreclosure defense fight. However, the sooner you choose to empower yourself with legal assistance, the better. Florida foreclosure relief options become more limited if you choose to wait too long after receiving a lawsuit summons, so it is essential to contact us as soon as you are notified – or, even better, as soon as you anticipate the possibility of foreclosure. The sooner you call, the more options you will have.

We empathize that the threat of foreclosure is always a scary situation and is even more so now with the uncertainty surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Our Tampa foreclosure defense attorneys can guide you through your perilous moment and work to put you on the road to success. We look forward to working with you and giving you the relief you deserve.

Do not wait to call our team at Cremeens Law Group PLLC. Dial (813) 683-8688 or contact us online to take the first step in building your foreclosure defense.

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